Santorini Point of Interest for us girls

Vacation on an Island sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? What makes this even better is if you are able to avail the maximum offerings.  Santorini Island offers a variety of Intoxicating places that you surely do not want to miss. That is why we bring you a few of Santorini’s points of interest that will make your trip even more pleasant. When I went with My Boyfriend Landscaper in OKC Gerry we had a great time. Here’s a list of what to do 

  1. Santo Winery:  This is one of the most RECOMMENDED places in Santorini. It is a great winery that offers an exceptional view of the Caldera and is the BEST if you are planning a wedding here. The staff is really understanding and helpful and the ambiance is quite soothing. Yes, the winery tries selling their own product, but the wines are excellent and this place is definitely the highlight of Santorini.


  1. Skaros Rock: This place is definitely worth the hike.  There are some steps to climb and it gets a bit risky at the top, but all the effort is definitely worth it. The view is just beautiful and it is one of the best sunset spots Santorini has to offer. Good shoes are highly recommended for this hiking trip.
  1. MATI art gallery: This is located in The Orthodox Cathedral Plateau, Fira and is a wonderful art gallery in a beautiful city. Just like the place, the art gallery is simply unique and beautiful. Every tourist, whether an art lover or not, should definitely visit this place during his/her trip. The art gallery offers quite unusual, yet ALLURING, pieces. The sculptures are made by George Kypris, an amazing and talented sculptor, and all his work from jewelry to grand scale sculptures are captivating. The staff is quite helpful and understanding too. You simply cannot leave this place without buying anything


  1. Perissa Beach: This is one of the best places to visit in Santorini. You will definitely LOVE the vibe of this beach. The sand here is black, because of the volcano. The sea is clear and there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and cafes. It is a great place to relax and enjoy drinks. The cocktails here are outstanding, probably one of the BEST in Santorini. If you wish to get away from the crowd and enjoy some time alone, then Perissa Beach is your escape!


  1. The Santozeum Museum: This is located in Caldera Path, Fira and is a wonderful place to see the Akrotiri frescoes. It is a small museum with possibly only 10 displays, yet it is quite an interesting place. The displays are excellent and the workers here are extremely helpful.


  1. Open Air Cinema Kamari:  Tired of visiting different places and need a place to relax? Then, Open Air Cinema is your place to be. The interior here is quite fascinating and the tickets, as well as the popcorns, nachos, cocktails and other snacks, are available at reasonable prices. The sound and picture quality is amazing, the seating arrangements are quite comfortable and you will definitely have a great time here. This is definitely a place you do not want to miss out on!
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