Visit The Most Beautiful City Of America : San Francisco

Kate here with a little insight on a city that is near and dear to my heart. San Fran! I have missed this place for a while so I decided to take a trip with my co-partner at CCM Garage Door Repair here in OKC so we can work out some business details. Heres some things you may enjoy and want to know about if you plan a trip to San Francisco.

San Francisco is the home of Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz was a government jail which held Al Capone and George “Automatic rifle” Kelly, who were extremely infamous culprits in the era in which the jail was open. You can ride a pontoon to the island and visit the jail. While your there you can pay for earphones and you really hear genuine detainees voices telling about their time in the jail.

San Francisco is additionally the home of Golden Gate Park which is 1017 sections of land enormous. There are various things to do there. There is climbing and biking trails all through the recreation center. You can lease bikes to ride there. The de Young Museum, the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and The California Academy of Sciences are all there. We went to the California Academy of Sciences while we were there. You can take in about different sorts of science points and there are additionally various marine creatures housed there. Likewise, there are various everyday programs about various science related themes. Appropriate close to the Golden Gate Park is the well-known Golden Gate Bridge. We drove over the extension two times since we went the wrong route attempting to go some place. I am directionally tested. In the event that you need, you can likewise stroll over the Golden Gate Bridge unless you’re like me and frightened of statues. I would envision that it would be an incredible perspective of the Bay.

When we were there we drove down the road that is called “the most crooked road on the planet” which is Lombard Street. It additionally extremely soaks as well. The road wanders aimlessly like your following a snake down the slope. You can likewise stroll down it as well. When we drove down there was countless there looking down the slope and strolling down it as well.

There are an excessive number of things to list here of things to do in San Francisco. Here’s my little rundown of things to do contingent on the period of time your there and what sorts of things you get a kick out of the chance to do and see. There is Pier 39 where a considerable measure of the touring trips by pontoon leave from. Wharf 39 is the place you can see heaps of ocean lions. Their bark is fundamentally the same as canines on the off chance that you have never heard them. Furthermore, Pier 39 has plenty of shops to purchase gifts at and various eating foundations.

A rundown of different things to see and do are Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, Snow Lake, San Francisco’s Famous Cable Cars, and Boudin’s Bakery. Getting around San Francisco is a test and stopping is costly. For approaches to get around there are link autos, transports, streetcars, trolley transports, light rail, and bicycle taxies. On the off chance that you drive your auto around San Francisco simply realize that stopping is genuinely expensive. Likewise, when you cross an extension hope to pay anyplace between $4 to $8 per auto to go over the scaffold. You just need to pay the scaffold charge one path over the extension.

Inns in San Francisco are additionally genuinely costly. At the point when my family and I went, we remained in an inn in Pinole and it was around 15 miles from San Francisco. It was a not too bad Inn with a breakfast smorgasbord and it was a large portion of the cost of a lodging in San Francisco.

This is only a little bit of the stuff that you can do in San Francisco. It would rely upon how much cash you need to spend and all the more vitally to what extent your excursion is.

With that being said I hope you will all take a little time to visit this beautiful city.


Santorini Point of Interest for us girls

Vacation on an Island sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? What makes this even better is if you are able to avail the maximum offerings.  Santorini Island offers a variety of Intoxicating places that you surely do not want to miss. That is why we bring you a few of Santorini’s points of interest that will make your trip even more pleasant. When I went with My Boyfriend Landscaper in OKC Gerry we had a great time. Here’s a list of what to do 

  1. Santo Winery:  This is one of the most RECOMMENDED places in Santorini. It is a great winery that offers an exceptional view of the Caldera and is the BEST if you are planning a wedding here. The staff is really understanding and helpful and the ambiance is quite soothing. Yes, the winery tries selling their own product, but the wines are excellent and this place is definitely the highlight of Santorini.


  1. Skaros Rock: This place is definitely worth the hike.  There are some steps to climb and it gets a bit risky at the top, but all the effort is definitely worth it. The view is just beautiful and it is one of the best sunset spots Santorini has to offer. Good shoes are highly recommended for this hiking trip.
  1. MATI art gallery: This is located in The Orthodox Cathedral Plateau, Fira and is a wonderful art gallery in a beautiful city. Just like the place, the art gallery is simply unique and beautiful. Every tourist, whether an art lover or not, should definitely visit this place during his/her trip. The art gallery offers quite unusual, yet ALLURING, pieces. The sculptures are made by George Kypris, an amazing and talented sculptor, and all his work from jewelry to grand scale sculptures are captivating. The staff is quite helpful and understanding too. You simply cannot leave this place without buying anything


  1. Perissa Beach: This is one of the best places to visit in Santorini. You will definitely LOVE the vibe of this beach. The sand here is black, because of the volcano. The sea is clear and there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and cafes. It is a great place to relax and enjoy drinks. The cocktails here are outstanding, probably one of the BEST in Santorini. If you wish to get away from the crowd and enjoy some time alone, then Perissa Beach is your escape!


  1. The Santozeum Museum: This is located in Caldera Path, Fira and is a wonderful place to see the Akrotiri frescoes. It is a small museum with possibly only 10 displays, yet it is quite an interesting place. The displays are excellent and the workers here are extremely helpful.


  1. Open Air Cinema Kamari:  Tired of visiting different places and need a place to relax? Then, Open Air Cinema is your place to be. The interior here is quite fascinating and the tickets, as well as the popcorns, nachos, cocktails and other snacks, are available at reasonable prices. The sound and picture quality is amazing, the seating arrangements are quite comfortable and you will definitely have a great time here. This is definitely a place you do not want to miss out on!

Let’s Have Fun In OKC?

What’s up friends? Do you like to travel with friends and family? Or alone? I think at least once in our lives we all face the issue of traveling alone it can be either something happens to our previous plans or because something else happens in our family and so on. So, the bottom line is no one can accompany you on your upcoming trip. If such situation bothers you then the following list of suggestions will definitely help. Remember, you shouldn’t let them all spoil your vacation plans! So, don’t get upset and let’s look at traveling alone from a different perspective!

After all, this can be looked upon as a chance to become more sociable and challenge your creativity!

1) Be independent

None of your friends can travel with you? Look at this point from another side – traveling with a friend or a spouse is like being trapped in a cage. Imagine you are on your own! Nobody will bother you with complaints about waking up too early or walking too much. You can do whatever you want and whenever you want! You have full freedom of actions. Nobody says when and where to go. You build up a plan of your trip by yourself. There will be no one to argue with. There’s a special charm to this. Sometimes it can be so great to please yourself and not have to consider someone else’s opinion and just chill – and maybe that’s your case. You can do what makes you happy. Isn’t it great?

2) Be flexible

You can change plans so easily if you are traveling alone. You can adjust your trip to any circumstance because your time is just your own. It is your choice whether to visit a museum or to go to a party, or do anything else. You don’t need to hang around the shop if you don’t want it while waiting for your companion.

3) Find New Friends

Your relatives and friends stayed at home? That’s great! They are working now and you are enjoying beautiful views and new places! As for being alone, don’t worry. If you still don’t know this nowadays you can find friends everywhere around the planet. Just create an account on and pretty soon you will be gladly welcomed in every corner of our world. There are people with completely different interests. And it doesn’t matter what their social status, age or nationality is – all these people belong to a big couch surfing community and it’s already an important criterion that unites them and makes them friends. So, you will always find the company to spend time with according to your interests (parties, sightseeing etc.). By the way, it’s often easier to meet new people than to get along with someone you already know, so consider that.

4) Travel cheaper

People tend to spend more money while traveling in groups than when traveling alone. It happens because of a mob influence. You see what other people buy and you start following them – even if you don’t really need that junk that everyone is buying. When you’re by yourself no one influences your behavior, no one but you. You should also know that when you are alone it is cheaper to find accommodation. Again, couch surfing is a great helper here as well.

These are the benefits that you will get in traveling alone. No one is going to poke you to do something that you really don’t want to do. So, Travel alone and have some fun with your own company. You will get to know more about yourself and you explore as many places as you want.

~ Kate

Me and my girl hanging out in the beautiful OKC weather.


We have decided that we would take each other for a walk and enjoy some sun and fun today. We watched the sunrise and believe it was sent to us this morning from God. We have a close relationship that consist of the spiritualness all of us should be able to experience. We must teach our children that we have a spiritual connection with nature and we should enjoy it and not be entangled on phones and video games. Expand their imaginations with a day in the park let them see the world and all of its treasures. It is all forgotten too soon when the muddling of the mind is created by media and busyness of everyday life. Thank you, Lord, for this day and my love.


Whats up everybody?

Kate here wanting to say hi. I am a small town girl in OKC trying to do what I do best with an obsession for success. I love my two boxers and also my little girl that is a spitfire and always on the move. Stay tuned and I will let you in on. a little bit of my crazy life and all the ups and downs that make me, me. We are headed out to the Farmers Market today to get a few things for our garden and flower beds.